Radar Profile Rear Boot

The Skier’s Boot

Radar's previous footwear offerings contained a gap, which they identified to construct a new dimension within the line. The previous choices were A) wearing a competition designed race fit Vapor boot primarily designed to break the world record. Or B) wearing a freeride symmetrical boot with an open toe. The Profile creates the best option yet for the high-end consumer, bridging the gap between a performance inspired Vapor and a comfort acclaimed Vector.

If you ride your own ski, you deserve to have a boot that fits and performs to your ability level and to the potential of the ski you have it on. With our newly engineered Profile Chassis and Profile boot we’re offering both slalom course performance and a sized asymmetrical plush fit closed toe. The balanced Profile has a medium width footprint with high-end responsiveness built within the contour cored chassis structure. Stay comfortable longer and sacrifice nothing in performance!


  • Profile Chassis
  • Single 3D molded tongue 
  • Double lacing 
  • Responsive support
  • Asymmetrical fit
  • PVC Free construction 



The Profile Chassis has a structured 3-D base plate for engineered arch support. The predominate contact points of your foot in the ball and heel are dropped through the baseless sections of the plate for the closest contact ever allowed by a ski boot. Spaceframe reinforcement on the bottom of the chassis makes this our most torsionally rigid frame to date, while it’s contoured shape maximizes responsiveness. Our newest chassis also has infinite adjustment in the mounting inserts and has the most available sizes for any model, making a Profile the most customizable boot on the market.X

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