Trent Finlayson

Full-time Professional water skier and coach Trent Finlayson, out of San Marcos, Texas is a well decorated Canadian Slalom skier with multiple national titles to his name. Breaking out onto the pro-scene right here at Bennett's Ski School at the 2009 LA Night Jam after winning the pro mens head to head slalom final, Finlayson has long had a connection to Bennett's.

We asked Trent about Bennett's and the 3-event store:

Skier owned and operated, Bennett's is hands down the best ski shop in the industry. With more than 40 years experience, Bennett's is staffed by professional skiers with unparalleled knowledge, they aren't just selling skis, they're actually riding the products they stock in the shop. The feature shop of the South Central Region, Bennett's gives back to the sport, supporting our junior skiers and going above and beyond to help ensure we continue to grow. 

My 3-Event Store featured products: 

- Radar Vapor Pro Build

- Radar Ergo-K Gloves

- Oneill Slasher vest

- Oneill Hammer sleeveless top