Ryota Funo

Ryota Funo from Japan is Collegiate skier from Japan upon joining the Meijigakuin Water Ski team upon enrolment. Ryota is a 3-event skier and has been coming to train at Bennetts Ski School since he started skiing. Ryota quickly took to water skiing and in the first year of his career could run into short line. Ryota is back-to-back Japanese Collegiate Slalom, Trick and Overall Champion as well as U21 Japanese Slalom Record holder and Japanese National Team member.

Ryota purchased his very first ski from the Bennetts 3-Event Store, The Radar Vapour, and has stuck with Radars new model's ever since!

We Asked Ryota about Bennett's and the 3-Event Store:

I love Bennett's because the site is just perfect for 3-event water skiers. The new MasterCraft boats are unbeatable and all of the staff at the ski school are amazing, Especially Jay and Anne Bennett, who take care of us just like family! The store is vastly stocked and well priced, holding all the products necessary to suit everyone’s needs out on the water!

Bennetts 3-Event Store look forward to continuing to support Ryota in the Future!