Bailey Austin


Bailey is a 18 year old Slalom skier from Buda, Texas. Currently a student and training athlete, Bailey began competing aged 7 and has pursued her water ski career right into the record books! Coached by fellow Bennett’s 3 Event Store Pro Team Member, Trent Finlayson, as well as Boris Laval, Bailey is backed by two of the very best coaches in the sport. Nicknamed ‘Super Chicken’, Bailey is a 2-event Slalom and Trick skier. Currently with a personal best of 1@39 off, Bailey is the Texas State G3 and South Central Region G3 Slalom Record holder.

Bailey has quite a list of career achievements as a junior skier, including titles in the Junior division of two of the worlds most prestigious tournaments, The Moomba Masters and Malibu Open. The ‘Super Chicken’ has also already experienced success at the pro-level making 3rd place at the 2014 Mastercraft Pro-Am and 2nd in the 2016 Canadian Pro-Am.

The 3 Event Store looks forward to supporting Bailey this coming season where we are sure she will achieve extraordinary success!