Reflex Shell

  • The original Reflex hard shell that you can use for slalom or tricks. The classic is delivered without the flexion brake.

    This boot is ONLY compatible with Reflex 500 Series Releases and later. This boot is NOT compatible with any prior release models. What is this?

  • Foot Length Hardshell Size Heat Mold-able Liners
     23-24 cm (9.1-9.4 in)  4  Small
     25-26 cm  (9.8-10.2 in)  6  Medium
     27-27.5 cm (10.6-10.8 in)  8  Large
    28-28.5 cm (11-11.2 in)  10  X-Large
    29-30 cm (11.4-11.8 in)  12  XX-Large



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